Power Pack Support

If you have questions or a problem when using the Power Pack, click the button below to join our support space or send us an email. The most common problem occurs when a users security token expires.

To fix this, simply log out of Power Pack by clicking on your profile photo in the upper right. Log back in and try using Power Pack again. If the problem persists, please provide us the following info:
  • Power Pack tool that is not working along with any error messages
  • PC or MAC
  • Web Browser
  • Screenshots of the issue if applicable

Update History

03/01/19power-pack.io was registered and website refresh
4/14/17Launch of Power Pack 2.0!
1/25/17Updated Power Pack to reflect the name spaces instead of rooms
10/17/16Added message previews after clicking a Spark space in Exodus
10/17/16Added search to Broadcast, Exodus, Jabber Alerts!
10/17/16Improved invites error handling
8/9/16website makeover
8/2/16sparkpowerpack.com was registered
4/1/16Hackathon Celebration - 2nd place - we demand a recount!
3/25/16Power Pack is adopted immedietly into our peer community
3/25/16Power Pack was submitted as our final project
3/22/16Invites: first successful beta customer - 500 SE\'s added to a Spark space!
3/20/16Power Pack applications: Invites, Broadcast, Exodus, Jabber Alerts are created
3/18/16Team Power Pack is created
3/17/16Hackathon Kickoff