Privacy Policy

We take your privacy and the security of your data very seriously. We implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your information. Communication between Power Pack and your browser is encrypted using SSL.

What We Collect

Power Pack employs a mix of browser and server side web applications. Each applications requires and handles data differently. Each is defined below.


In order to process invites in bulk, your Webex authorization token, room ID, and invite list are sent to the Power Pack servers via HTTPS to be processed. This information is processed in memory and never stored in a database for future use.


Broadcast does not send any information to the Power Pack servers. The message body and recipient information is transmitted from your browser to the Webex APIs securely via HTTPS.

  • Exodus allows you to remove yourself from spaces in bulk. In order to accomplish this, Power Pack requests access to your space list and access to messages within those spaces. By allowing access to the space messages you can preview the space contents from within Power Pack. This feature is all done via your browser by making secure calls to the Webex APIs and no information sent to the server.
  • Exodus can also remove many users from a space that you are the moderator of. Due to the number of API calls required to accomplish this, the request is sent to the Power Pack server for processing. The request includes your email address, Webex token, roomId, and list of users to remove. All of this information is sent securely and never stored in a database.